Types of Elastomeric Coatings


​  The best thing about these systems is they are a 100% seamless monolithic roof. No Seams, No Leaks. No interruption to your daily business operations, no noise, heavy equipment or dumpsters and all in 1/3 less time then conventional roofs while saving you 50% or more. These Energy Saving 100% Silicone Coatings can be applied to any Metal, Flat or Low Slope Roof System with up to a 20-Year Manufacturers Labor and Material Warranty. which can be renewed every 20 - years giving you a lifetime roof. There is NO Ponding Water Exclusion. They have more than double the lifespan of Water Based Acrylic Coatings. In addition to white, Stock Colors are available with custom tints no problem, even for repairs. 

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   Commercial roofing systems can be constructed with many different materials, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. SEBS roofing material is much stronger compared to other fluid applied coatings like acrylic or silicone-based products and without a doubt are the best solution for a rusty metal roof. Its durability withstands more adverse weather or heavier foot traffic before damage occurs. SEBS allows for a quick fix or a long-lasting, weather resistant application that can help extend the life of your current roofing system. On average, SEBS roofing applications can last well over a decade before a major restoration or replacement needs to be considered. White SEBS applications help to reflect the sunlight best compared to other color coatings while reflecting over 80% of he UV rays. SEBS outperforms other materials in its resistance to ponding water along with algae and fungi. and is available in colors. Whether you are repairing a section or reinforcing the entire surface, a SEBS roof coating system offers an easy to apply, durable and energy efficient solution.

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Acrylics are water based roof coatings that are ususlly


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